You Can Help End Horse Slaughter

We rescue, rehabilitate and retrain horses who would end up in slaughterhouses

At our Sanctuaries, we love and value horses. As sentient beings, they deserve our kindness and care.

Unfortunately, there is still a need to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome horses – and to educate people about how to care for them.

Care for life is provided through our network of knowledgeable carers and also at our peaceful sanctuaries for the horses whose needs mean that they cannot easily be cared for elsewhere.

With Your Help

Around 3,000 horses are killed per month. We have already rescued 50 from the slaughterhouses and brought them back to live a dignified life.
We rely entirely on donations and some legacy gifts to carry out our work.
A donation today can help to sustain our ability to offer a sanctuary for horses.

The Horses

Here you can meet some of the horses we have helped since we started this project.
Many of these animals have had a rough life, but now enjoy a herd life, with good food and in freedom.

Saving lives and Buddhism.

This project was born due to the inspiration and generosity of Pema Wangyal, a Tibetan Buddhist teacher. He has dedicated his life to the rescue of all kinds of animals destined to slaughter. Pema Wangyal promotes this practice in many Asian countries, Europe and the Americas.

In 2017, we were motivated by his desire to rescue horses in Uruguay. He gave us the inspiration for starting this project and to expand our sanctuaries throughout the country and in the rest of South America.

For us, to save lives means to change the destiny of animals facing a terrible death. This makes a great impact, not only on the animals involved, but on the whole environment.

We really feel that saving animals from the horror of the slaughterhouse inspires an atmosphere of joy, harmony, love and happiness, not only around those directly involved but throughout the entire region, the country and the world.

If you want to know more about the practice of saving lives & Buddhism visit the following pages:

Did you know?

  • 500,000 horses are killed annually in American slaughterhouses .
  • In the world there are 18 countries with  slaughterhouses for horses, 9 or which are in America.
  • Horse meat is consumed mainly in France, Belgium, Italy and Russia.

What can we change?
The destination of the trucks from the slaughterhouses to our sanctuaries.

You can make a difference!

Primitivo is a non-profit organization founded in 2017. It’s purpose is to rescue horses destined for the slaughterhouse, and to create sanctuaries for them to live in. With people responsible for their care, rescued horses can live their last years in freedom, reaching their death in a dignified and natural way.


Collaborate with us by making a single time donation. This will help us sustain our existing sanctuaries and create more.

Become a Partner

Become a Primitivo member by making a monthly donation that will help us build more sanctuaries throughout the country.

Our Sanctuaries

We have sanctuaries throughout the country and we continue to create more.
Thanks to the generosity and trust of people with the sensitivity and conditions to receive and care for our horses, we continue to build the network of Primitivo Sanctuaries throughout Uruguay.

The sanctuaries

Primitivo Sanctuaries are privately owned fields. Thanks to the generosity and altruism of their owners, these fields are transformed into refuges for the rescued horses.
These families dedicate all their love to the care and wellbeing of these horses until the end of their now peaceful days.
Some of the sanctuaries are located in Maldonado, Lavalleja and Cerro Largo. We are hoping to reach all the departments of the country.

Let’s keep growing!

Our goal is to continue inspiring people to become a part of this cause. We need people who are willing to offer their field or time and love so that we can continue rescuing horses, and anyone who can help us enlarged our network of sanctuaries throughout the country.
Be a part of this great project!

Contact us

Our headquarters are located in Maldonado, Uruguay

+598 99 263 696

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